Review of Initial Transmissions by Stripmall Ballads

Below is a review of Atomic Duo's 'Initial Transmissions from the Lost Continent of Mu' written by Stripmall Ballads.

the gaslight had been on for miles
i had the window rolled all the way down
and the volume was cranked
it’s easy to coast at 70
on the long stretch of 54
before Mebane
through the fields once
you pass the powerline
and the moon illuminates the dark ribbon
of road splaying softly and tickling the left side of a hill
then rolling itself out flat like a royal carpet
the road and the speed feel smooth
there’s a hum
drifting lanes left then right
the tone of the tires
phasing and the wind smacking
my ears pitch-shifting
this is the sound

the tape flips over
mark and silas play
weathered hands holding on to the plow
pushing it
being pulled by it
deep grooves in their wake
and breaking grooves before them
it is charlie monroe and his kid brother
i am in the vangaurd years of doc watson
and i am 16 at ernest tubb’s record store

thank you music lover (and your date)
laughing out loud
the tape ejects
at a red light
i press it to my cheek
it is warm
like the hide of a beast of labor
like the steering wheel near the heat vent on high
like the root beer i find under my seat
my numb ears humming after i roll the window back up

the way all this can make
50 mph feel slow
and make 16 feel so close
and make this tape
and listening to this sound
feel so important
is magic