keep on the grass by jeff pinkus

J.D. Pinkus (Jeff Pinkus from Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Helios Creed) writes and performs a very interesting selection of songs here featuring his cool banjo playing! Produced by Danny Barnes. Available for purchase on cassette, streaming, and high-quality downloads! More info >>

brand new barnyard electronics recording out now!

more info >>

my latest recording is out now! it's called ambient works vol. 1. stream for free, download in various formats HERE.

it just came out last week. thank you for spreading the word if you enjoy the music. it's really easy to copy and paste the bandcamp link and embed it wherever you want. 

first off we are branching off into vinyl this month. i have my new music coming out on a 45 this month, colored vinyl, each record slightly different. two brand new songs from barnes. also we finally have the starvadinsky divinyl tape coming out, which is the nome de plume of comic book artist steve mannion and great old friend of mine from new jersey. also we have a live tape coming out on the sircely/barnes project, which will be 60 minutes long, and was recorded during a west coast tour the two of us did in a tiny honda civic with 1,000,000 miles on it and held together with wire.

update 7.15.13 the starvadinsky divinyl test tape has been approved for duplication and the 45s are HERE! they should be up and available in about one week.

we've been working on the new stripmall ballads tape for several months. so excited it's shipping soon. only 200 copies will be made featuring four different covers drawn by the artist himself. we are calling this a lo-fi folk masterpiece, and are super jazzed to be putting this out. here's an extra exclamation point!

barnes and matt sircely are doing a west coast tour between port angeles washington and los angeles with lots of stops at small and interesting places along the way. here is the link to the information. there will be a giant box of minner bucket tapes for sale, and also they are going to be recording shows and jams and music on a nice cassette jam box for possible later release. 

featuring barnes, stripmall ballads, and matt sircely.

a custom made mix tape {of minner bucket weirdness} will be for sale at these shows constructed especially for the event.

tuesday 18th, royal room, seattle wa
wednesday 19th, olympia ballroom, olympia wa

Below is a review of Atomic Duo's 'Initial Transmissions from the Lost Continent of Mu' written by Stripmall Ballads.

the gaslight had been on for miles
i had the window rolled all the way down
and the volume was cranked
it’s easy to coast at 70
on the long stretch of 54
before Mebane
through the fields once
you pass the powerline
and the moon illuminates the dark ribbon
of road splaying softly and tickling the left side of a hill
then rolling itself out flat like a royal carpet
the road and the speed feel smooth
there’s a hum
drifting lanes left then right
the tone of the tires
phasing and the wind smacking
my ears pitch-shifting
this is the sound

the tape flips over
mark and silas play
weathered hands holding on to the plow
pushing it
being pulled by it
deep grooves in their wake
and breaking grooves before them
it is charlie monroe and his kid brother
i am in the vangaurd years of doc watson
and i am 16 at ernest tubb’s record store

thank you music lover (and your date)
laughing out loud
the tape ejects
at a red light
i press it to my cheek
it is warm
like the hide of a beast of labor
like the steering wheel near the heat vent on high
like the root beer i find under my seat
my numb ears humming after i roll the window back up

the way all this can make
50 mph feel slow
and make 16 feel so close
and make this tape
and listening to this sound
feel so important
is magic

this is from an upcoming minner bucket release from the atomic duo, in the barnyard remix style. mark rubin and silas lowe with barnes at the controls.

Honest man by wildknees