Danny Barnes - Barnyard Electronics


2007. this was also pro-duped. a run of a thousand were made, again with a hand drawn cover. this was my effort to push the banjo in the modern world. using it as a tool rather than an end in itself. this record employs lo-fi, musique concrete, spoken word, looping, serial music, and cut and paste, deconstruction, noise, and everything i could come up with to make a contemporary statement. this record was financially in the black in three weeks. it was a reaction to the players in the banjo realm that think django, or fusion is a forward move for music. it's not. {march 2011, barnyard electonics released on cassette, high bias tape with hand drawn cover.}







1. Cornpone Sally
2. Pretty Daughter
3. Moe Hawk
4. Cornpone Sally and Her Hay Bailing Wagon Wheels
5. Prelude for Unaccompanied Violin
6. Harbor of the Nade (of 6000 Configurations)
7. Village Song
8. Raise Four