Minner Bucket Recordings

keep on the grass

J.D. Pinkus (Jeff Pinkus from Butthole Surfers, Melvins, Helios Creed) writes and performs a very interesting selection of songs here featuring his cool banjo playing!

Barnyard Space Program

***Limited Edition Cassette***

Now Available For Preorder. Order now and your tape will head your way on October 17, Cassette Store Day. Comes with a code for a free digital download.

junior sampled

barnyard electronics coming at you, high and inside on a 3-2 count. this is the second full album of my music to come out this year [it’s mid june] on minner bucket records.

ambient works vol. 1

i have been working on the barnyard electronic aesthetic for a number of years in my laboratory [a mental as much as physical space]. this new work leans more on the electronic side of things.

shri 108

hey folks. i have a brand new release out today 10.14.13. it's called shri 108 and it's available for immediate download now here.

sircely and barnes live

so my good friend that lives up here by me, matt sircely, we pick music together and play around here when we get the chance.

starvadinsky divinyl- sounds what made me famous

man this is the coolest tape ever. so excited to get this out to the public. starvadinsky divinyl is my good friend steve mannion's nom de plume.

falling hard

brand new 45 rpm record out this week. colored vinyl and each one is slight different.

the field, by stripmall ballads

minner bucket records proudly presents a new lo-fi folk masterpiece titled the field, by stripmall ballads, the nome de plume of songwriter and maryland native phillips saylor.

Split Livers

the split livers is a project i'm working on with wayne gottstine, one of the main songwriters in split lip rayfield.