Minner Bucket Recordings

The Jam Box Tapes

a new project of mine. 100 different tapes with a collective title, the jam box tapes. all handmade one at a time on a cassette jam box in my living room.

Atomic Duo: Initial Transmissions from the Lost Continent of Mu

i first met mark rubin in the late eighties. we spent about 15 or so years at arm's length, in a van... on a tour that seemed to never end. what i've always appreciated about him was his love of music.

Danny Barnes - Barnyard Electronics

2007. this was also pro-duped. a run of a thousand were made, again with a hand drawn cover. this was my effort to push the banjo in the modern world. using it as a tool rather than an end in itself.

Danny Barnes - Oft Mended Raiment

this was the first release i had where i had them pro-duped. 1000 cds were made, again with a hand drawn cover, which featured a caricature of me drawn by bill frisell that got sent to me on a postcard.

Danny Barnes - Minor Dings

this was a cdr i put out, again, 100 signed and numbered copies. the music was a bunch of stuff that had been rejected by various entities.

Danny Barnes - Live At McCabe's

here's what the notes inside said, "this cd is the second offering on my minner bucket label. there will be 100 handmade copies. on august 14, 1998, i drove to LA from eugene oregon.

Danny Barnes - Pathos of Smyke

pathos of smyke. sometime around 1998, i got the idea to just put out some weird stuff on my own that i was doing outside of labels and bands.