The Jam Box Tapes


a new project of mine. 100 different tapes with a collective title, the jam box tapes. all handmade one at a time on a cassette jam box in my living room. well, kind of my kitchen too but that's neither here nor there. each tape is un-mastered, un-edited, un-mixed, recorded straight in, jam box style. each tape with different music, and with hand drawn covers. signed and numbered. i'll be playing a mixture of: hymns, songs of mine from throughout my catalog, songs of friends, songs i heard off the radio, songs i make up on the spot, instrumentals, me reading through various stacks of music, ambient instrumental freak outs, and experiments of various types. whatever happens to be on the music stand that day. {no requests}  

i'm going to sit down and make them one at a time. available by mail and at my shows only.

25 dollars plus 3 shipping and handling.

po box 1054

port hadlock wa 98339


Starts with a blank tape.

Danny Barnes recording directly to tape via jam box.

Boom! tape!!