About Minner Bucket

i started messing around with putting out my own experimental recordings in about 1998. this has proven to consistently be one of the most rewarding, fun, and creative aspects of my career. you can see the list of stuff over on the discography page. i work quite a bit in what i call the Lab. working with various aspects of technology and composition and editing in the production of music that interests me. some of the concepts later come out on label released stuff, some of it only stays in my lab. through this i have developed many of the themes and concepts of my overall output as a musician. minner bucket has given me a place to get some of my weirder stuff into the hands a small cadre of interested parties. again, putting out this stuff has been one of the main bright points of my life.

through this i have developed the sonic technique i call barnyard electronics, which is my mixing style. a pure product of the lab.

i have some really talented friends, and they come over and we play and eat sandwiches and stuff, and make recordings. so while minner bucket is primarily a place for my own experiments, some of my friends and i have been working on barnyard electronic remixes of their stuff, so i'm going to be releasing things from friends of mine as well. my preferred format is cassette. for lots of reasons [you can read why on my blog, cassette anarchy]. through all this, i am rediscovering the amazing mystery of sound, which is what freaked me out about all this as a child.