the minner bucket record deal

the first thing is to establish a relationship. do we have the same goals for a recording? is there an idea? {i’m doing this out of love and any static is too much.}
if we can answer both in the affirmative, we would proceed with a couple of premises:

a. we want to work to make all interactions win/win.
b. at any point, either of the participants can walk away and it’s all “cool”.
c. no money changes hands.
d. the final item, graphically, sonically, and vibe-wise, has to fit in with the rest of the minner bucket catalog as i am working on establishing a brand identity of loving quality. if this is unclear, listen.

then we would go about making a recording. there is no need to spend a lot of cash on recording. i would suggest we do it for free. the principle goal being a recording of unique interest. i can help with all phases of this {recording/producing/mixing/mastering} and will freely donate my time, as long as i feel we are moving forward. we want to make something important and interesting.

next we agree on how many tapes we would have made. a finite number makes things very simple and adds value. only 100 made, or 50 or whatever. numbering them is kinda cool. usually i design the cover [the aesthetic i’m working on is the look of a mixtape, lovingly made by a friend] and will handle all manufacturing costs. if we think we can sell more we can make a bigger number. 

when the box arrives in my kitchen, i pull off enough tapes [the price is set at 10 bucks] to pay for the hard cost of manufacturing and any duplication of the covers, {which i will have already paid for}, and assemble the tapes.

let’s say we make 100 tapes. they will show up here with a bill for about 150 bucks including the covers, cases and shipping. so i’d pull off 15 tapes to go to minner bucket to cover the expenditure. leaving us with 85 tapes. we split the remainder evenly 50/50 [due to the odd numbered resultant of this model, one of us gets 42 one of us gets 43 units].the minner bucket website gets half and you get half. you can sell them or give them away or do whatever you want. all i ask is that you make a reasonable effort to help me sell them off my site via your own email list and so on. {if you sold all your tapes you would be up over 400 bucks. [google the phrase: 90/10 split all the charges go to the 10]}

i will also give you a mastered and sequenced cdr of all the tracks, which can be manufactured into a standard cd or whatever you want {with your own artwork of course}. i don’t care about that and am just interested in the cassettes. so in effect, you get a free cd recording to use as you wish, and a small pile of tapes to sell or give away at your discretion.

all i ask is that you don’t alter the finished audio. and if i produce, engineer, or master, you give due credit. obviously i don’t have time or interest in playing cop on that, and will just trust you.