shri 108

MBR 13

hey folks. i have a brand new release out today 10.14.13. it's called shri 108 and it's available for immediate download now here. you can grab various formats to suit your needs, or you can just stream it and listen. it's a brand new batch of songs in the barnyard electronics technique. my inner circle of musician friends laughed and had fun listening to these songs, and i feel happy and excited to have made all this up and to be able to lay it on you. you know, recent developments in...well the "industry" so to speak, commerce, aesthetics, listening habits of fans and various other factors, make this a very productive time for a musician such as myself, working under the guidance of a sort of idiosyncratic internal higher voice. i feel driven to look for the sound, or combination of words, or feeling that will straighten everything out and make people stop killing each other, and stop killing the animals and give each other a break, amalgamating the totality. perhaps like an alchemist of old working alone in a primitive lab, looking for the answer. a sort of musical philosopher's stone if you will. poetry and music are high endeavors [perhaps the highest]. i've considered giving up so many times[for surely i know the 10,000 ways to fail] that i've come to just embrace that as another feeling and not worry about it too much and keep going. there's a light. beyond everything we see is a beautiful light. it's obscured but it's always there. vibration. light. grace. forgiveness. earth. flower dog water beach. see you out there somewhere, i'll have a banjo, a backpack, and a suitcase.

thank you.

1. falling hard
2. money moves up
3. screwdriver
4. keep it to yourself
5. christmas time in the country
6. i ain't hardly worth fixing
7. poem from a cardboard box
8. road
9. worry 'bout yesterday
10. memories