Barnyard Space Program

***Limited Edition Cassette***

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A truly DIY endeavor. Barnes worked solo to record the experimental ambient performance in one take, sketched all labels and individually dubbed each of the 50 cassettes in his Minner Bucket lab.

from barnes: "this is a pure barnyard electronics ambient effort. as i mess with all this stuff, a very interesting thing to develop is…starting with a sound as the idea and building off of that. which is kind of different than in song based form where you have an overall meta-narrative of the piece, and the songs are scenes which illustrate that. the barnyard space program is a bit more situationist and stream of consciousness. both sides are long takes. 38 minutes total on a high bias tape. hand duplicated one at a time so i could get the levels right where i wanted them on each copy. i sat and monitored the VU meters for 50 tapes. mastered, dubbed, recorded in the lab."

shipping out on or around 17 October 2015
edition of 50