starvadinsky divinyl- sounds what made me famous


man this is the coolest tape ever. so excited to get this out to the public. starvadinsky divinyl is my good friend steve mannion's nom de plume. he is the cartoonist behind the great fearless dawn series if you are into comic books. he was the singer guitarist for new jersey's great underground punk rock band the raging lamos! of which i am a huge fan. at some point a few years ago he started sending me these really cool and strange recordings that i fell in love with. his whole sense of story and vibe is very visual of course. it's pretty freaking amazing. these are basically four track cassette recordings, so it's raw and weird but super cool. only 50 of these have been made. steve is one of the guys that makes the world a better place. he likes skateboards, punk rock, and comic books. one of my oldest and best friends and i'm a huge fan of his work. really proud to have this out on minner bucket records.